The ultimate
interactive study tool

Unleash teacher creativity,
connect in-class and at-home
learning experiences, and engage
students like never before.

This easy-to-use education tool – which includes access to the comprehensive LeiaLoft Education content platform – carries class preparation tools, interactive 3D courses, classroom management interface, and virtual experiments on a 10.8 inch LitByLeia display and leverages the benefits of Lightfield technology to enhance student engagement.

Leverage a comprehensive solution

The LeiaLoft Education content platform takes down barriers for technology adoption at school and at home by offering tools that improve the learning environment for teachers, students, schools, and families.





Save time on class preparation

Enhance creativity in class, easily assign homework, and save time preparing lessons.

The Lume Pad makes it simple to prepare engaging, meaningful lessons using the extensive catalogue of 2D and 3D assets and interactive classwork in LeiaLoft Education. Drag and drop content and use simple, PowerPoint-style editing tools to create visually stunning presentations and learning assets that engage students and make even complex topics easier to understand.

Enhance the class environment

Save time on class preparation

Enhance the class environment

Bolster the learning environment by using the Lume Pad to present interactive 2D/3D visuals, distribute in-class assignments and homework, monitor progress, and instantaneously assess learning quality from students.

Enhance creativity in class

Improve student engagement with stunning content

Improve engagement and learning comprehension with interactive 3D content.

Interactive 3D content in the classroom makes learning fun and illuminates even the most difficult topics. Students can also use Lume Pads at home in order to review classes and labs and to complete and submit homework online.

Support in-class and remote learning

Provide comprehensive learning tools that support in-person and remote learning.

In a world still facing the challenges of COVID-19, the Lume Pad serves as an effective tool across the curriculum for both in-class and remote learning environments with virtually no learning curve for teachers and students. Virtual labs, for example, make experiments safe to conduct and manage – and offer significant savings on lab upkeep – without sacrificing the quality of learning.

Extend the classroom to the home with a unified learning environment and equipment.

Easily connect homework with in-class lessons

Students often struggle to remember skills and knowledge learned in class when completing homework assignments. With tools like the Lume Pad and LeiaLoft Education, students and families alike can now access in-class learning materials, interactive lessons and even virtual labs quickly and easily at any time.

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